Subject RE: [ib-support] Firebird works.
Author Pete Bray
> Helen wrote,
> local InterBase server was patched into the Windows distros by Borland
> as a convenience to developers. It was never intended to be deployed.

I have seen warnings from yourself and others over the last year or two
about local connections. Many of them related to the different connection
string problem (which didn't alarm me because i programmatically control
that). I have deployed IB6 as an embedded backend to my app in the
hundreds - what kind of problems should i have been hearing about? Some of
them are deployed with additional remote clients as well.

one of the attractions of a local connecion (as opposed to a loopback) is
that i don't have to worry about whether tcp/ip is installed on the users
machine. I just install my app and it runs (they don't even know that there
is a database server). I am about to ship an upgrade to this app, your
opinion would be very welcome (it's not too late for me to change the
connection protocol, although i'm bound to flush out a good few people that
call in with "i can't find my windows disk when it asks to install

Kind regards,