Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird works.
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:36 PM 28-11-01 +0000, cuncua1@... wrote:

>May I ask why there is no a local connection way to avoid the evident overhead of a network connection?

Connecting to localhost uses TCP/IP local loopback which *is* a local connection. There shouldn't be any "overhead" - to what are you comparing it, to suppose that it is an issue? You will possibly experience delay in a LL connection (remote connections too) if you use the IP address instead of a server name defined in hosts.equiv and on the client (which are one and the same for a local connection...) but it is the configuration of your environment, not the database, that causes this problem.

A file-system-local connection is available when both client and server are on Windows. It is not pretty and not worth trying to duplicate on *nix. The client's network layer is optimised for a remote client interface. You can test this for yourself if you have access to a second machine to use as a client...local InterBase server was patched into the Windows distros by Borland as a convenience to developers. It was never intended to be deployed.

Firebird/InterBase is a Client/server database and was since conception. I'm old enough to remember when the progenitor of PG was a desktop database - "horses for courses" !!


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