Subject JDBC Woes
Author Mike Arace

I've been trying to get the JDBC driver for interbase working for my JSPs
and have been running into constant problems. Its been difficult to find
concrete information about how to set up the server correctly to work with
InterClient. I read somewhere that there is some intermediate "InterServer"
program in addition to the regular interbase server install which must be
used to connect in java, but have found little else to steer me in the right

I'm running on Win2k at the moment, using interbase 6 open-source
(downloaded from borland directly) and Tomcat 4.0 and InterClient 2.0 (I
believe, its also the one from the borland site). If someone could give me
intructions on installing everything from scratch that would be fine, since
I have nothing of value in the database. Ideally, the server would start as
a service and would be ready to go right away.

I tried both of the procedures outlined for interclient on the kpi logistics
and ib firebird sites, including the "datasource" method and the older
connection method which takes the driver string. The former gives me a
serverSocketTimeout exception, and the latter hangs indefinitely before
returning a "can't display page" error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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