Subject Re: Database protection
> where would you put the logic to control this
> username/passwordpair? Probably on the server,
> since it has to be able to read the database.

My idea was that if you want to protect your *.gds file
you would create a PasswordTable in your database. If the
server doesn't find a table "PasswordTable" it means that
the database is not protected and everything would
work as normally. If it finds one it will check the supplied
username & password against the ones in the table to see
if connection is allowed. This kind of implementation would
not break any existing database programs, except that
"PasswordTable" would become a reserved word.

This would of course not be a very secure way of protecting
the *.gds file, but

a) better than none
b) the average person would not be able to poke around in
the supplied SP's.

Since the src code is open sourced the only real way to
protect it totally would be to use encryption.