Subject Re: [ib-support] Idea for a new field type for FB 2,0 or IB 7?
> The real idea here, is that there are complex methods of
> maintaining an auditable series, and there are simple methods, so
> if you know a simple one will work with what your doing, why use a
> complex method.

Agreed - But

I think the point people are trying to make is that Firebird
is ****** stable. Anything that gets added to it must not
break that stability. We can make it do even more but for
some people it is fine as it is. So anything that is added
must not break existing applications and people can use new
features if they want to.

Returning to the Subject in question - we are already
diverging from IB, so whether IB7 incorporates FIRST amongst
other things is another matter and another discussion. The
Idea for the new field has merit provided it does not break
such things as IBO's generator 'manager'.

In the process of the discussion we have added 'sequential'
generators - to isolate that discussion from the simple
AUTOINC, and RETURNING. Three wish list items, which
hopefully will appear in the Firebird wish list.

Have I missed anything?

If not, then now is the time to start thinking about other
wish list items <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services