Subject RE: [ib-support] SP returning result sets?
Author Paul Schmidt

On 22 Nov 2001, at 12:56, Helen Borrie wrote:

> At 02:38 AM 22-11-01 +0100, Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> > > Which means what, exactly? I don't know SQL server very well. How
> > > is it simpler?
> >
> >For context take a look at my previous posting. But basically
> >it means that doing:
> > SELECT * FROM someTable WHERE someCondition...;
> >will return a resultset.
> If you are still talking about operating on rowsets back from stored
> procedure output, it is not that simple. Your procedure has to create
> that temp table on the local disk by processing a cursor first..and
> ACID transaction control is a joke. It also forces you to split up

What is meant by the term ACID, and how is that different from the
IB/FB we all know and love?

I realise I am opening a can of small slithering hermaphrodite
vegetarians here, but I have heard the term a number of times, but
nobody has explained it, other then that is the reason that MS-SQL
(and I suppose the Sybase V10 it was hacked from) has the
amazing ability to turn a 2GHz P4 into an XT.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies