Subject Re: [ib-support] Extract & SP
Author Nando Dessena

> Where it gets really ugly is things like MIDAS. Do you have any idea how
> they do the locale thing? I presume they just try to avoid it by keeping all
> date information in binary between end user and middle tiers. I presume then
> it should be taboo for any end user to directly dictate SQL from a middle
> tier.

When XML is used for the packets, I can see that the date format is
universal. I can't be sure since I never looked into it, but I think
that with binary packets it goes the same way.

WRT SQL, I think it should suffice to use the server's format for date
literals, and then sending SQL commands from the client or middle tier
is ok.

Where MIDAS (pardon, DataSnap) really shines* is in the date format used
for the TClientDataSet.Filter, which is the system locale format, and
does *not* respect Delphi's ShortDateFormat if changed.