Subject Re: [ib-support] Extract & SP
Author Jason Wharton
> > In short, let's keep client locale out of the database server.
> > This is the job of middleware like IBO, ODBC, ADO, etc.
> > to iron out these kinks.
> I was really referring more to the BDE, however, it would be nice to
> be able to set an option in IB for "default" date format. That way it
> could stay the way it is if that's what you use but could be changed
> on the fly for others.

Gotcha, the BDE could be in my list as well as any that are there. The
reason it can do this is because its engine runs on the client, as does the
other ones.

Where it gets really ugly is things like MIDAS. Do you have any idea how
they do the locale thing? I presume they just try to avoid it by keeping all
date information in binary between end user and middle tiers. I presume then
it should be taboo for any end user to directly dictate SQL from a middle

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ