Subject RE: [ib-support] SP returning result sets?
Author Paulo Gaspar
You are right. I was lazy explaining the thing... because I never thought
anyone would care about it!

Then your "noise" remark switched on my corrosive side. (Even if there
could be some true about it.)

Although I know IB for a long time, tried it several times along the
last years and like it very much (the implementation thing counts a lot),
the fact is that I am still quite new to it and don't know how to
express my ideas as well as Claudio, which knows the "IB culture" much
much better.

And then, maybe I am just a lousy communicator.

So, sorry about the nastiness and have fun,

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> From: Doug Chamberlin [mailto:DChamberlin@...]
> Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2001 2:27 PM
> Hey, I was just trying to understand what you were trying to say! Several
> of us had questions about your posts. I couple asked questions for
> clarification but really didn't get much. An example would have
> helped a lot!
> It took Claudio to clearly state the essence of what you were getting at.
> Now that he's done that I'm satisfied that there wasn't some gem
> of an idea
> hidden in the suggestion, which was all I was attempting to discern.