Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: -- Comment
Author Paul Schmidt
On 20 Nov 2001, at 23:43, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

> <lester@...> wrote in message
> news:3BF94968.B2E0462A@...... > > /* */ > > -- > > > > Two
> kinds of comments ! > > I thought real programmers do not use comments
> at all ! > > What happened to //, I use that without problems but in
> IBO > so Jason may be being nice to me <g>
> The difference is that "--" only works at the beginning of a line. I
> can implement "//" for the next major release so it works in any
> position and make sure everybody will have trouble with the DSQL
> parser if you like. :-)
> Although I think we should use apostrophe like in VB programs; after
> all, the last time I checked, the Earth was considered the first
> Microsoft subsidiary, with other planets to come in. :-)

The reason that -- comments were added, is that they are part of
the SQL standard, // and ' are not, new features need to go through
a process, if it brings us closer to the SQL standard, or if it
enhances the usability for the majority of the users, then by all
means it should be added. If we do anything further with
comments, it should be to allow someone to use -- at the end of
existing sql. We now have both in-process /* */ and end-process --
comments and that should be sufficient.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies