Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: extremely long register and connection times
Author Stan Eisenberg
This may be useful to people who've had the same problem that I have.

It seems that ibaffinity.exe only fixes the problem for the short term. I've noticed that after leaving the computer unattended for a few hours that interbase would revert back to its behavior of waiting 20-30 sec for logins.

My guess now is that the service probably restarts or resets itself every now and them, which resets the effects of ibaffinity.exe.

I've just done a test where I shut the interserver process down, ran imagecfg -u borland_install_dir\interbase\bin\ibserver.exe. This changes the exe file so it will always only use 1 processor.

So far, I've managed to start and stop the server without reverting back to the previous waits, so this seems to have permanently solved the problem.

For those that are interested, imagecfg.exe is part of NT4 and is not on the Win2K and WinXP disks. It is located in the support directory of the CD-ROM.

Win2K comes with appcompat (or something like that) and WinXP has the downloadable ACT20 (app compatibility toolkit). I have not gotten either of these to work... NT4s imagecfg.exe seems to work on IB in WinXP however.


> I did a little researching and found a program on my NT4 disk called IMAGECFG.EXE. This program changes the affinity mask in the EXE file.

That's it. I couldn't remember the name.
BTW, I seem to remember that the version included with NT4 does not work
well with W2K. I suggest you to get the proper one (or try with files
you can recover!).

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