Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: extremely long register and connection times
Author Stan Eisenberg
Hi Ando,

I did a little researching and found a program on my NT4 disk called IMAGECFG.EXE. This program changes the affinity mask in the EXE file.

I haven't run it yet, but it is looking like a good choice since I don't want to run IBAFFINITY.EXE each time I reboot the computer or restart the server.

Fortunately, IB OS is not a "commercial product" with a warranty, so I have no qualms about using it on Interbase to get a permanent affinity solution!



there is a way to overwrite the affinity mask stored in the executable
file header(*). A tool from the W2K resource kit is needed, but I
haven't the details at hand right now.
Try a search for "affinity mask" on MSDN.

(*) which, I fear, would void the warranty on a commercial product.


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