Subject RE: [ib-support] Classic & Superserver question
Author Leyne, Sean

> Will ( or should I say Can ) there be a 'Classic' version
> for windows to use multiple processors?

A version of the engine CAN be built from the sources -- Ann H. has been
able to compile her own build. She did this, primarily as a debugging

Does that mean that a Classic version for Win32 will be available?

I don't know!

I do know that having to build both Classic and SuperServer engines, and
test the same, significantly increases the release times. Now, factor
in that for most non-Win32 platforms Firebird also needs to have
separate 32bit I/O and 64bit I/O builds...

Also, when this was last discussed on the Dev list, a while back, the
feeling was that both the Classic and SuperServer architecture should be
replaced by a new architecture, which would address the current
limitations of both solutions.