Subject RE: [ib-support] Questions about RC1 and installation build
Author Leyne, Sean

Thanks for the excellent definition of a "Release Candidate".

Although, I might have phrased the Firebird release slightly
differently, your opinion/outline is a valid interpretation.

> Now for the near future: If the accumulated changes to RC1
> which are made
> due to bug reports gets large enough (and certainly if there
> are any show
> stoppers bugs fixed) then we should see an RC2 released. We
> haven't reached
> that point yet but we may get there if more adjustments to
> the release
> notes or installation procedures are needed. Depends on how
> widespread the testing is.
> If an RC2 is released you can expect at least another month or RC2
> experience to accumulate before you see it transformed into a
> 1.0 release.
> If the RC1 changes are deemed small enough then we might see
> a 1.0 release created from RC1 within a month.

This is exactly the thinking of the Admin group, we'll all have to wait
and see what issues are reported, to see what the next step will be.

Thanks again for you thoughtful posting.