Subject Questions about RC1 and installation build
Author Joe Martinez
Ok, I know that Firebird RC1 stands for "Release Candidate 1", but what
does that mean exactly?

Is RC1 the official first non-beta release of Firebird? By "candidate",
does that mean that there will be more candidates for the first release,
and only one of them will be chosen as the official first release? Is
it still being decided whether RC1 is a beta or production release?

I have a FB installation build that I've been using. The filename is
IBWin32.EXE. It installs Firebird "0.9-4 Test 1", along with
IBConsole1.0.0.326 and an ODBC driver (I believe I've been told that
it's the IB 5.6 driver).

Questions about this:

I can't remember where I got it. Does anyone know? Is this build
available for RC1? If so, where?

Are there any legal problems with using this and distributing it to my
customers? I'm particularly concerned with IBConsole and the ODBC
driver. Is it OK with Borland to distribute these? Don't they still
own these?