Subject Re: [ib-support] Win2000 with IB: error message, follows the database to another system
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:37 PM 16-11-01 -0800, Chuck Belanger wrote:

>Using IB v5.1
>"When IB is run on Win2000Pro it gives the following message:
>'ibserver.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You
>will need to restart the program.'
>"If IB is reinstalled, it gives the same message."
>"If a new database is installed, it will start up and run."
>"If the 'problem database' is transferred to a Win9x machine, it works
>just fine, but if the 'problem database' is put back on to any Win2000
>machine the same error message results."
I don't know whether this will result in a solution but...

From what have they installed IB Server on the Win2K machines?

I remember (waaaaay back) when IB 5.0 was released, we had an almost completely parallel etiology when 5.0 was installed on Win95 machines and NT 4 machine - except we got a Dr Watson on the NT 4 machines when attempting to connect to a database.

The "cure" came a few days later, when the Borland agent supplied IB 5.1.1. The Dr Watson problem on the NT machine went away... Note, I never did see IB 5.1.

The replacement version of ibserver.exe was timestamped 15-MAR-1998 and had the version number W1-V5.1.1.680. I'm afraid I don't have the client program that shipped with that.


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