Subject RE: [ib-support] Lost List
Author Leyne, Sean

> >I think that the mers server is just gone (forever).
> Strangely enough the website allowed me to sign on a new
> subscriber and
> confirmed the subscription. But still no postings - very odd :>(

Ya, I tried that myself shortly after the Mers Interbase list went
quiet, still no go. Obviously, Rob has shutdown only part of his
list/news system.

> Are the Borland IBX groups available as a list? And if not,
> how does the
> spanker - er - moderator feel about discussion of IBX matters here?

I won't speak for Helen, but as a list user, I would have a big problem
with that!

The occasional posting/query about IBX or IBO or IBConsole is expected,
but this is not the right forum for IBX support. Generally, true
support questions are generally directed elsewhere to the right support

Just as Jason has his IBO list and news mirror on my
server to handle true IBO support issues/questions, the same should be
expected for any other tool -- whether IBX, IBConsole or IBExpert (to
name a product that I use).

The fact that Borland doesn't have a listserver or that Mers server
seems to be dead, is something that should be taken up with Rob and/or