Subject Re: [ib-support] extremely cheap database (was: extremely long register and connection times)
Author Stan Eisenberg
Uh oh, I may have made a mistake then...

I thought IB Open Source was free for both profit and non-profit use, so long as I don't charge for IB, itself, but just the program that uses it?


>One questions about a fuzzy area, I've read on some posts that FB is not
>for commercial use, but only non-commercial use.
>Is this true? I find that a little hard to believe since IB OS is free for

No, it is not true. Firebird is free unless you want to pay for support
( or want the IBPhoenix CD. Maybe you're confusing this
with IBO's licensing scheme - IBO is basically free for non-commercial use,
whereas you have to pay if you make any profit using it.


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