Subject Firebird RC 1 - Two important pieces
Author Helen Borrie
Two important amendments to the Firebird RC 1 release notes:

1. Removed from Enhancements and added to Known Issues:

Allow FK indexes to be disabled

An enhancement making it possible to set FOREIGN KEY indexes inactive, using ALTER INDEX, to resolve some performance issues related to maintaining indexes with low selectivity, has been deferred pending resolution of related effects.

2. Omitted from Bugs Fixed:

SFID 213462.- The 'Path String Bug' on Windows was fixed.
InterBase had a nasty bug which was identifed in IB 5 and ignored in the IB 6 Beta. It corrupts databases in a particularly horrible way.

The correct path in a connection string to a Windows server is


However, Windows will allow


If two users connect, one using the first syntax and the other using the second, the server gets the wrong messages from Windows and the server thinks the two users are connecting to two different databases. The users' transactions are unaware of one another's work and data become deeply corrupted as a result.

With the fix, the first user's connection establishes an exclusive access lock on the database file, according to the path string through which she connected. Any other user attempting to connect with the alternative path string will see this error:

I/O error for file "C:patha\mydatabase.gdb"
Error while trying to open file
The process cannot access the file because it is being
used by another process. )

I will post the updated version of the Release Notes as soon as we have resolution of the fate of the Huge External File support.


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