Subject IBX Backup Service and FB RC1
Author Lou Feliz

I am testing my app against RC1 and so far so good. When I go to test
the backup/restore using the IBX TIBBackupService, I get an error
stating :

invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transactoin start)

I tried the Statistical and Validation service and they seem to work
fine. So, I am guessing that I will need to roll my own version of IBX
or start using FIBPlus/IBO.

Has anyone else experienced this? I won't bother asking the Borland
NG's about this as they will no doubt give me grief as Firebird is not
a Borland product...blah...blah...blah...

Any help or input appreciated. If someone has a fix I can apply to IBX
and the steps I need to re-compile etc... I would be most grateful.

- Lou