Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: extremely long register and connection times
Author Stan Eisenberg
Thanks Paul,

I considered that as an option (actually an upgrade for the next version of my app), but that introduces too much cost into the product.

In order to keep from going bust, it is necessary that I also be able to include it as something that can be run on a pre-existing computer.

I started this project because my clientelle are being ripped off by the competition. My goal is to provide a superior alternative at a significantly cheaper cost -- thus Win support is a necessity. Consider this my one good dead for this decade! ;-)

To make things worse, the target audience is not the most computer savvy of people -- usually their secretaries are the ones that use the program. Because of that I need to refrain from Linux as the "base case" as 99.9% of them will have no idea how to use it and would not be willing to purchase a support agreement for an extra price.

Aside from the sys restore feature, which I've already disabled, there should really be no reason for the 20-30 sec delay for registering and connecting to databases.

Since it's local, the network should not be an issue... leaving me completely confused as to what is causing this.

For the meantime, it is now looking like I will have to release this product without XP compatibility until I can figure out what is wrong, but I am worried that this will alienate the people who went to BestBuy and were forced to get XP pre-installed (that's the kind of people my target audience is).

I've found many posts on usenet from people who said that it works correctly after sys restore was disabled, but that is not my case.

At this point, I'm wondering if IB is having SMP issues with XP as that seems to be one factor that seperates my developement machine from the machines with successful IB/XP installs.

If so, this has to be XP related, because my other devel machine runs SMP Win2K, with instant registers and connections.

Unless IB is doing something with my computer that I don't know about, I'm plain out of ideas and extremely desperate for a solution!!!

One solution if your application requires a server, is to use a "black
box", and I don't mean one of those cool looking black IBMs (I have
one). You get a machine, it could run Linux to make it cost
attractive. Sell the machine as part of the application package.

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