Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: extremely long register and connection times
Author Paul Schmidt
On 15 Nov 2001, at 1:06, Woody wrote:

> From: "Stan Eisenberg" <stan@...>
> >
> > I've actually considered that, but do to the nature of the program
> > having
> it XP compatible is a dire must as a good chunk of my clientelle will
> probably be running it. > > What's a shame is that it ran perfectly on
> NT4 and Win2K, just to get clobbered by XP.

One solution if your application requires a server, is to use a "black
box", and I don't mean one of those cool looking black IBMs (I have
one). You get a machine, it could run Linux to make it cost
attractive. Sell the machine as part of the application package. It
comes with Interbase or Firebird preinstalled, with the databases
already set up, all the client needs to do, is give it an IP address,
and plug it into their network.

Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies