Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: extremely long register and connection times
Author Woody
From: "Stan Eisenberg" <stan@...>
> I've actually considered that, but do to the nature of the program having
it XP compatible is a dire must as a good chunk of my clientelle will
probably be running it.
> What's a shame is that it ran perfectly on NT4 and Win2K, just to get
clobbered by XP.

I was actually being facetious but it is really a big pain that no one can
figure out what is causing this. I am seeing more and more posts regarding
this. I don't have XP so I can't even begin to play with it. I guess that's
just one more reason for me to stay on Win98. <g>

With the size of programs and data files growing phenomenally (sp?), it is a
shame that MS did something like this. The fact that you have to turn the
functionality off just defeats the purpose of even having it. I can not for
the life of me come up with one single reason why anyone would want to
utilitize a "feature" such as this.

Hopefully, someone will stumble on the solution soon. Good luck.