Subject RE: [ib-support] W2k Lost Network
Author Leyne, Sean

I think that the mers server is just gone (forever).

The fact that Rob Scheick has responded to other postings in the Borland
NGs and has ignored the 2 postings on the subject.

Since he didn't respond or announce anything, one is only left to
speculate about why the list/news servers are not 'there' anymore.


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> Subject: Re: [ib-support] W2k Lost Network
> At 10:03 13/11/01 -0600, Woody wrote:
> >What demise? I haven't seen any slow down on the IBX list.
> At present, I
> >plan to continue using IBX and help develop it further, if I can.
> The only posting I've received since 22 October was one from Mers
> confirming my 'subscription' And I saw another mailing asking
> where the
> list had gone. Guess I'd better re-subscribe. Perhaps I'll be
> really brave
> and try the digest again :>) And use my own address, rather than the
> 'wife''s. (That '' is 2 x ', not ").
> Peter