Subject RE: [ib-support] Address already in use -- when starting InterBas e
Author Martijn Tonies

I believe (but I'm not really into Linux) that xinetd.conf is the newer
version of inetd.conf - they behave the same.

Martijn Tonies

I just installed Interbase 6.0 on RH 7.1 using the RPM. When I try
to start it by typing ibserver, I get the message

Unable to complete network request to host "ispan5"
-Error while listening for an incoming connection
-Address already in use

I looked up the borland Community page and found a solution to this,1410,26905,00.html

However I could not find any file named inetd.conf, I did get

There is also a process by the same name.

Can Anyone help me out here? Thanks,


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