Subject Re: [ib-support] Verifying actual parameters
Author Paul Reeves
Marcos Vinicius Dufloth wrote:
> By "commented out" I have consider that the sharp (#) is a comment mark?
> So, what is V4 and ANY prefix. I search at IBPhoenix site and not find out.

I did a check through the current source and couldn't find out, either. My
guess would be that the V4 prefix is only relevant to v4 servers, while the
ANY prefix is relevant to IB5, IB6 and Fb1.

> >Is there a particular param you are concerned about?
> What I really want to do is verify that the parameters I set in ibconfig
> are really used.

And that is a good question.

> There is a tool that show this parameters, looking at server and not to ibconfig?

Not that I have seen. However, someone could write one. You would need to call
isc_service_query to read isc_info_svc_get_config, which will retrieve the
values in IBCONFIG. I'm not sure whether you can update the config file via
the services api.

> What happens if I set a parameter or value incorrectly?

That is another good question. I think you may need to test this on a case by
case basis. For instance, if you set the TMP_DIRECTORY via ibconfig, and the
directory doesn't exist, I don't think you will get an error. The server will
just use whatever it can find (depending upon the TMP/TEMP var of the OS).

This is an area that could do with some improvement. Except, of course, that
the params are so few and the need to change them is so rare, that I do not
think it is of high priority for many people.

Database cache pages aside, I'd leave them alone. Heck, I'd leave that alone
too - it is server wide and you may not want to open _every_database with the
same number of pages.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further