Subject Re: [ib-support] VERY Slow Access Under Windows XP
Author Woody
From: <dan@...>
> Hi Everyone,
> I just installed XP Pro (Build 2600) on my development machine and I
> am experiencing a very looooong delay when first connecting to any
> GDB file. This happens using a localhost: remote TCP/IP or local
> type connection. Some of my gdb files are quite large (5+ gigs) so
> the delay can take as long as an hour or more!
> It seems like it's some sort of SFP or Windows File Protection
> weirdness, because the disk grinds away the whole time between the
> 1st access attempt and when it finally connects. But that doesn't
> really follow since this definitely is not a system file, and it's
> located WAY outside the system directory.
> Connections to gdb files on remote machines are not effected. They
> operate as expected.
> What really confounds me about this is that once the 1st connection
> to the file has completed, the access is as fast as normal. I can
> disconnect and reconnect almost instantly.

XP contains code that copies the file when it's first used. You can disable
this functionality but I don't remember the exact way it's done. There was a
recent discussion on the borland ngs regarding this. Search and you
should find your answer.