Subject Re: [ib-support] trhandle changing after isc_dsql_exec_immediate2()
Author C R Zamana
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>At 07:36 PM 10/25/2001 -0200, C R Zamana wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Very strange.
>> Coming back to my function that returns the number of columns of
>>a table, I realize that the function above is changing the previously
>>trhandle allocated via isc_start_transaction().
>I've tried my version of the program and it works fine - no problem
>with transactions. I'm running on Windows, but that shouldn't make
>a difference. Code follows.
Yes, I tried the code here and it works.

Please, is there any problem in "nested transactions"? I'm asking
the routine where the problem arises use this feature: there is one
transaction ( the child )
to get the number of columns and the parent trasaction, the get the
"structure" of a

Thank you.
Best regards.