Subject Substring function
Author STC
Can anyone tell me if there is a Substring function in Firebird and if so what is the syntax?

What I have is two variable character fields. One exists in an old database(Paradox) file, both are in the new Interbase table. I am migrating the data from Paradox to Interbase, and that works great. What I need to do is add data to the new field, based on what is in the existing field.

The one with data is called STATUS. The one to populate is called BAL_RET. The data going into the BAL_RET field is based on the first 2 or 3 characters in the STATUS field. I can run it multiple times for the 2 or 3 different values in STATUS.

This only has to be done once. After the data is migrated, the software stores the correct value.

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