Subject "Record changed by another user" Why am I getting this error?
Author M Tuttle
Greetings All,

Delphi 5.1
Interbase 6.01
Midas 3

Here is how my components are hooked together.
TDataSource - TClientDataset - TDatasetProvider - TIBQuery

Seems that anytime I add a new or update an existing record I receive this

Here is the senerio.

1) I insert a new record, Post, ApplyUpdates and CommitRetaining as shown

with dtmImaging do
if cdsDocIndex.State in [dsInsert, dsEdit] then
if cdsDocIndex.ChangeCount > 0 then
if trnImaging.InTransaction then

This works fine for inserting as many records as I want.

However, If I try to modify this record right after this, say change one
field value and then post, ApplyUpdates, and Commitretaining again I get
this error. I also get this error, if I try to delete the record right
after an insert.

Could it be that I should be using "Insert Into" and "Update" instead of
Insert or edit followed by setting the field values?

Can anyone shed any light on what I might look for?

If more info is needed, please ask, as I have not able to figure this out.

Thanks to all who reply.