Subject Re: [ib-support] (unknown)
Author Woody
From: "Ralph Wilson" <SAT_Wizard@...>
To: <>
> I recently installed the Developer version of Delphi 6 and (as is my
> elected to upgrade Interbase to the version that was on that issue CD.
> Apparently, something went wrong (BAD wrong) and now I have totally lost
> contact with Interbase. I am seriously contemplating getting out my D4
> issue dsic (I didn't get D5) and re-installing that one.
> Now for my questions:
> a) Has anyone else run into this?
> b) Am I taking a reasonable approach to solving the problem? (I have
> re-installing D6 and the "new" Interbase with no luck.)

If you search MERS, you will find several posts regarding this. I think the
most prominent one is to make sure your client gds32.dll is of the same
version as the server software that is installed. I don't remember all the
details but a quick search should turn up the discussions about this on