Subject Re: [ib-support] (unknown)
Author Paul Reeves
nicolas.ocquidant@... wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have downloaded the classic version of firebird (for solaris) to use
> with jboss.
> I try to access the database with these parameters:
> <attribute
> name="URL">jdbc:interbase://localhost/opt/dbs/storage/firebird/firebirdDBtest.gdb</attribute>
> <attribute name="JDBCUser">SYSDBA</attribute>
> <attribute name="Password">masterkey</attribute>
> The jboss forum has confirmed these options.
> My problem is :
> Do I need to create the user SYSDBA and the password masterkey ?
> And if yes, how ?

SYSDBA/masterkey are the default username/password combo. They should be
already defined. Beware, however, that the version you have installed may have
changed the 'masterkey' password. Check in the root of the firebird install
for documentation of the new password.

Add/Modify/Delete users with GSEC.

> For the moment, i have only created a database with the isql utility
> but it still doesn't work.

The standard connect string follows this format:



if you want a local connection.

BTW, you will not get very far connecting to Firebird from JBoss unless you
have interclient installed. This provides a server (called InterServer) to
listen for calls from the class 3 InterClient driver on port 3060.
Alternatively, there is a class 4 driver under development - you can extract
it via CVS from the Firebird Project on Sourceforge.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further