Subject Mandrake Connection
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I installed FB the following way.
I mounted my windows disk and executed the rpm
(FirebirdCS-0.9-4p1.i386.rpm) which brought up the package manager and
installed it.(I am using Mandrake 8.0)

I have done a search to install FB on linux at ibphoenix
plus I have a few articles on my pc concerning the install.;KNOWLEDGEBAS

This is the most relevant article I founded.
I assumed that Redhat 7.0 and Mandrake 8.0 should be very
much the same as Mandrake is in part based on Redhat.

I created the ibase file in /etc/xinet.d/
and added the following

service gds_db
{ socket_type=stream wait=no
log_on_failure +=USERID }

I restarted xinetd and then tested the connection with
IBConsole( from Win2k. I did not type in a host name but the IP

I also executed gds_inet_server from /opt/interbase/bin/ but it did not
reflect anything on screen.

Ping works fine(Although twice as slow as the NT4 server
255 instead of 128)

gds_db test did not work
Failed to connect to host '',
on port gds_db. Error Num: 10035.

TCP/IP Communication Test Failed!

and 3050 gave the following message:
Socket for connection obtained.

Found service 'GDS_DB' at port '3050'
Failed to connect to host '',
on port 3050. Error Num: 10035.

TCP/IP Communication Test Failed!

The logfile did get a few extra entries so I assume that the server is

A few questions and assumptions
I am assuming that TCP/IP is not properly configured for FB but I dont know
what to do because I did create the file.

Do I have to give write permissions to users if they want to creat db's or
do I have to give the permissions to FB itself.
Where is a good place to put database files?

Is the following connection string acceptable.

In the file I created there is the following line
there is nothing at that location so I also
but that did not work either.

I also tried to execute the script: but I get the following error I dont know if it is
I/O error for file "isc4.db"
Error while trying to open file
No such file or directory
unable to open database

Hope this is "enough info"/"thorough enough".