Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 Problem
Author Duleep Sahadevan

I don't think that firebird requires a client install.
All you need to do is to put a copy of gds32.dll in
the application folder.


--- Paul Schmidt <paul@...> wrote:

On 18 Oct 2001, at 13:01, David R. Robinson wrote:<BR>
> > >Somehow when I installed Delphi 3, it
wrote a gds32.dll from 1996,<BR>
> > >the FB installer refused to overwrite
this file, causing the above<BR>
> > >error.  Does the installer check
the version number?<BR>
> <BR>
> Wise (and just about all installers) work based
on the assumption that<BR>
> the version of a file is what is used to
determine if a file should be<BR>
> overwritten or not.  If the file version of
the file your are<BR>
> installing is older than the existing version,
you shouldn't replace<BR>
> it.  So, what's happening is that the FB
gds32.dll file is version<BR>
> which the installer thinks is older
than 4.x, 5.x or 6.x, so<BR>
> it doesn't replace it.  Depending on what
the decision for the hack as<BR>
> Ann referrs to was, I'll try to figure out
something to avoid the<BR>
> problem for the next build (which could be
aborting the installer if<BR>
> GDS32.DLL already exists).<BR>
Abort the install?  Isn't that a little
harsh?  As a <BR>
consultant/contractor/computer guy, I would like to
have the option <BR>
of including the install file in my setup, and then my
install simply <BR>
runs that program to make sure that the client is
installed <BR>
correctly, without having to reinvent the wheel. 
If it simply aborts, I <BR>
can't do that.   Could you document the
process untaken by the <BR>
installer so that it could be merged into another
install process.<BR>
Here are a few other options, they are all correct
actions, it <BR>
depends on what the Wise Installer is capable
of.  It should be <BR>
documented as to which one you decide to use, there
may also be <BR>
others, feel free to use any of these, or come up with
1) Rename the existing gds32.dll to gds32_dll.old and
write the <BR>
new one.  If this isn't what the user wants, the
user can simple <BR>
delete the FB one, and rename the old one back.<BR>
2) Change gds32.dll so it reflects the same version
number as the <BR>
Borland one, with a different build number. 
Since it now checks as <BR>
V6 it should not be a problem.  The version
resource would have <BR>
other information that reflects the true version
3) Give the installing person a pop-up that asks if
they want to <BR>
overwrite it or not.  Could be combined with
1and/or 5 or 6..<BR>
4) Add an install option, that asks if the user wants
to skip the  <BR>
version check for gds32.dll, during the install. 
Could be combined <BR>
with 1and/or 5 or 6.<BR>
5) Store the new gds32.dll as gds32_dll.fb and let the
user rename <BR>
it themselves.<BR>
6) Create a directory called \windows\system\fbbackup
move the <BR>
old gds32.dll to this directory and write the new one
in the correct <BR>
> <BR>
> > Yes it does.  The problem is that
InterBase is V6.x while the<BR>
> > equivalent Firebird is V1.x, which makes the
installer (and the<BR>
> > installer writer) unhappy.<BR>
> <BR>
> LOL.  I just like things to be simple. 
> <BR>
> > We've introduced a hack which should work
and should keep<BR>
> > other installers from replacing our
> <BR>
> BTW, what was the final decision on this?  I
don't think I ever heard<BR>
> what the final decision was.<BR>
> <BR>
> David R.<BR>
> <BR>
> <BR>
> <BR>
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