Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 Problem
Author David R. Robinson
> >Somehow when I installed Delphi 3, it wrote a gds32.dll from 1996,
> >the FB installer refused to overwrite this file, causing the above
> >error. Does the installer check the version number?

Wise (and just about all installers) work based on the assumption that
the version of a file is what is used to determine if a file should be
overwritten or not. If the file version of the file your are installing
is older than the existing version, you shouldn't replace it. So,
what's happening is that the FB gds32.dll file is version
which the installer thinks is older than 4.x, 5.x or 6.x, so it doesn't
replace it. Depending on what the decision for the hack as Ann referrs
to was, I'll try to figure out something to avoid the problem for the
next build (which could be aborting the installer if GDS32.DLL already

> Yes it does. The problem is that InterBase is V6.x while the
> equivalent Firebird is V1.x, which makes the installer (and the
> installer writer) unhappy.

LOL. I just like things to be simple. :)

> We've introduced a hack which should work and should keep
> other installers from replacing our gds32.dll.

BTW, what was the final decision on this? I don't think I ever heard
what the final decision was.

David R.