Subject Re: DB transformation
Try IB-Updata. It allows us to mess around with development metadata
without bothering to track all the changes, and then run an automated
update on the production database to bring it into line. It updates
the metadata, while preserving the data itself.

There are a few types of less frequently changed metadata which it
does not handle (eg UDF declarations, Domains) and these must be
added manually. All the normal stuff (indexes, FKs, tables, fields,
generators, exceptions, triggers, procedures) works well. Fields can
be renamed (though not tables).

The tool has become an essential part of our operation, and is used
daily, and has saved us vast amounts of time.

--- In ib-support@y..., "raptor" <raptor@u...> wrote:
> hi,
> I just wanted to ask what u do and how do it, when U need to
transfform a
> DB.
> What I have in mind u have some DB shema which already is running on
> Production server.. but during the development u see that U
> remove/add/update fields and tables, but before update the
production server
> u need to be sure that all the data from Production server is
transffered to
> the new DB with w/o loosing data (of cource if there is no dramatic
> to the shema that can not accomodate these changes)..
> So what tools, tehniques, aotamization-scripts u use ... any things
to be
> aware in advance....
> Also links on the theme ... at all .. everything that comes to your
> about this..
> I'm just tring to be one step in front of such stuff before they
> Thanx alot in advance
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