Subject Re: [ib-support] Stored Procedure Processing
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Sam,
if your question is "How to get a unique number", the IB answer is to use a
generator. Generators are outside transaction control, so you'll never have
any problem with duplicates. However, there may be gaps in your sequence
and there's no safe way for you to avoid this. If you need an unbroken
sequence, you can find some information in "An Auditable Series of Numbers"
on I haven't read it, but doubt it
applies to stored procedures.


>I am trying to use a similar features from MS whereby SP are being
>use for Data Processing.
>I have created a before insert trigger to generate a unique number
>treated as the session number for Table A.
>After numerous processing on Table B & C, the results were inserted
>into Table A. Table A later are being manupulated before inserted
>into Table D.
>Since IB doesn't support Commit statement inside SP, The update
>process from Table A to D cannot be seen.
>Any help on this ?