Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 Problem
Author Paul Schmidt
On 16 Oct 2001, at 17:46, Ann W. Harrison wrote:

> At 05:25 PM 10/16/2001 -0400, Paul Schmidt wrote:
> >Somehow when I installed Delphi 3, it wrote a gds32.dll from 1996,
> >the FB installer refused to overwrite this file, causing the above
> >error. Does the installer check the version number?
> Yes it does. The problem is that InterBase is V6.x while the
> equivalent Firebird is V1.x, which makes the installer (and the
> installer writer) unhappy. We've introduced a hack which should
> work and should keep other installers from replacing our gds32.dll.

Is this something commonly available, I downloaded this stuff
yesterday, so maybe the firebird copy on sourceforge needs an
update. I don't have CVS working here, WinCVS suffers from
having a style of documentation, that I haven't seen since having to
interprete an IBM VSE/370 system manual. The Linux box doesn't
have internet access.

> > perhaps this could be "fixed" with a documentation
> >change, telling folks to make sure they delete any older versions of
> >gds32.dll before installing.
> I hope we can do better. On systems with links, this is all easy ...
> even logical names ... but that's not where we are, so we're going to
> have to cope. Documenting the awkwardness is better than letting
> everybody fall into it...

One of the problems in Windows, is that even though we have had
long filenames since 1995, DLLs still seem to all end up being
given 8.3 filenames.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies