Subject Re: [ib-support] Functions
Author Sandeep
On 16 Oct 2001, at 20:32, Doug Chamberlin wrote:

> At 10/16/2001 07:31 PM (Tuesday), Sandeep wrote:
> > > select * from tableA a
> > > where a.Field = select outputParam from MyStoredProc( Val );
> >
> >That's what I use right now and I was trying to get away from writing
> >[ select outputParam from MyStoredProc( Val ) ]
> >everytime i want to get that value.
> My first reaction to this is: May I ask why? Looks perfectly good to me.
Imagine a procedure with that line repeated in where clause more
than 50 times, now what if it was replaced by function call. Well it
makes the code look much neater and easy to debug.



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