Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: InterBase and PHP
Author Paul Poulain
At 14:08 12/10/01 +0100, you wrote:
> > We have no problems with fb+php4.0.4... At least we never see any
> problem...
>Are you talking specifically about no problems with ibase_pconnect() ?

We use the following platform :
* Server Linux RH 6.2
* IB : FireBird, recent build
* Web server : Apache, with PHP4.0.4
* PhpLib 7.2. The connector is ibase_pconnect()

We are 3 to use our intranet application (beta version today, will be
released in 2 months, for about 40-50 users), and never saw any problems.

Note : there is a problem in the phplib 7.2 : if you have stored procs that
returns a result set, (select * from PROC), but do something else than a
select (an update, or an insert inside the proc), you will have strange
behaviour : the phplib connector execute the proc TWICE (the first time to
count the number of rows, the second one to return the result set). So the
2nd may not work because the DB has changed...