Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Paul Poulain
At 13:41 11/10/01 +0200, you wrote:
> >IBPhoenix currently generates some money to try and support the work that is
> >done here by Ann, Claudio, John, Mike, Mark etc but we are not exactly a
> >cash rich organisation. If you wanted to sponsor, i.e. pay for a feature to
> >be developed I am sure we would be delighted to directly allocate resources
> >to the task and try and find a solution. This goes for anybody who has a
> >specific desire to see something fixed or added. Otherwise we rely on what
> >the developers want to do, and feel like fixing :-)
>I appreciate the work that has (and still is) going into IB/FB. I one can
>get rid of the "$%# object in use" situation, I will be very happy. This is
>a regular pain in the butt... but then maybe I am the only one finding this
>frustrating. When I developed a large system on my own, it was OK, but with
>a large team it takes a lot more management. However, we have put
>development procedures in place that gets around this problem.

I agree that OS users can't have the same reactions as CS (Closed Source)
users. The difference is, that if something really bores you with OS
project, you CAN do something. With CS project, you just can hassle the owner.

However, we are about to deploy an important application (IB-PHP, (and a
few java soon) to answer the following question...) and I'm happy to hear
the problems comes with evolutions of the structure of DB, not with
data-working... We began to be afraid to have made a bad choice ;-)

>I find IB *very* reliable and hassle free once the system runs, but often
>there are a lot of niggly things when you do changes. E.g. changing a SP
>arguments when other depend on it causes a lot of problems that IB does not
>catch. I know it is something that has to be managed with proper
>development procedures, but sometimes junior programmers are a bit too
>quick with their keyboard....
>Incidently, do you have any idea what the cross section between Delphi and
>IB users are? Or are the only IB user Delphi users?

PHP and java for us. No delphi at all