Subject Re: [ib-support] IBAffinity for W2k
Author Nando Dessena
I wrote:

> BTW, how can I make it so that IB_Affinity starts every time the
> ibserver process is started?

Someone suggested a different approach, which I enclose here in case
anyone is interested.
I haven't tested it yet.

> 3542 ยป How can I permanently set the processor affinity for an application?
> In tip 0209, I describe how you can set the processor affinity on a running
> application.
> In tip 2191, I described how bind devices to processors, to improve
> performance by more effectively using the processor's cache.
> You can permanently set processor affinity for a non-operating system
> executable, on both Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0, by using the
> Imagecfg.exe tool from the \support\debug\i386 folder of a Windows NT 4.0
> CD-ROM, or the Imagecfg.exe tool from the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit
> Supplement One.
> NOTE: Do NOT use imagecfg on any kernel operating system files.
> To permanently set the processor affinity for your 32-bit executable, open
> a CMD prompt and type:
> imagecfg -a 0xn <Drive:>\Path\yourprogram.exe
> where 0xn is the affinity mask. The mask constrains your application to a
> specific CPU, from 0 - 31, where:
> 0 0x1
> 1 0x2
> 2 0x4
> 3 0x8
> 4 0x10
> 5 0x20
> 6 0x40
> 7 0x80
> 8 0x100
> etc
> To set the affinity for "c:\util\Country Codes.exe" to processor 1, I typed:
> imagecfg -a 0x2 "c:\util\Country Codes.exe"
> and received the following response:
> c:\util\Country Codes.exe contains no configuration information
> c:\util\Country Codes.exe contains a Subsystem Version of 4.0
> c:\util\Country Codes.exe updated with the following configuration information:
> Process Affinity Mask: 00000002
> When I launch Country Codes.exe, its' affinity is set to CPU 1.