Subject Re: [ib-support] Server configuration
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<guido.klapperich@...> wrote in message
> Has someone experience with the SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MIN and
> SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX parameters in the ibconfig ? I have set
> because I hoped, that IB will reserve 128 MB RAM at startup, but is
> doesn't.

Those parameters are passed directly to the NT's API
SetProcessWorkingSetSize to configure the working set. Remember you are
reserving memory not subject to pagination to disk (always in in physical
RAM memory), so be careful or you may cause worst performance. Your server
should have a lot of real RAM memory, be them DIMMs, Rambus modules, etc. I
assume you know those quantities are measured in bytes. Also:

- «If the values of either dwMinimumWorkingSetSize or
dwMaximumWorkingSetSize are greater than the process' current working set
sizes, the specified process must have the SE_INC_BASE_PRIORITY_NAME
privilege. Users in the Administrators and Power Users groups generally have
this privilege.»

- «Using the SetProcessWorkingSetSize function to set an application's
minimum and maximum working set sizes does not guarantee that the requested
memory will be reserved, or that it will remain resident at all times. When
the application is idle, or a low-memory situation causes a demand for
memory, the operating system can reduce the application's working set. An
application can use the VirtualLock function to lock ranges of the
application's virtual address space in memory; however, that can potentially
degrade the performance of the system.»

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