Subject Problem restoring a backup
Author Paul Poulain
Hi !
this is my first message on this list. I use firebird on RedHat 6.2

I've a DB backuped every night, and today, I tried to restore it on another
computer. It failed with the following message :
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN95
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN96
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN97
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN98
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN99
gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN101
gbak: ERROR: Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
gbak: ERROR: Error reading data from the connection.
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
Broken pipe

So, I searched FOREIGN101 index, dropped the corresponding table, and...
same problem, with FOREIGN100 !
So I search FOREIGN100 index, dropped the corresponding table, and...
same problem with ...
I tried 'transaction recovery '==> no pending transactions
I tried to see DB stats (IBconsole) and everything seems OK
I tried to validate the initial DB with IBconsole, and founded an other
problem :
* if I say validate record fragment FALSE, Read only validation FALSE and
ignore checksum erroer FALSE, I get 'Error reading data from the connection'.
* if I say FALSE/TRUE/FALSE, 'no errors where found', but unpossible to
repair the DB ;-(
So I call you for help.
What can I do ?
Note : the status file of the backup says everything was allright...