Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: win98 connections
Author Jill Thomson
At 02:26 PM 02/10/01 -0600, Hans wrote:
>Just a thought
>Issue command 'PING'
>A reply, TCP/IP installed

Interesting idea - doing it programmatically may be a bit of a challenge
(for me, anyway). ShellExec I suppose, but how to handle the response?

>Paul Reeves wrote:
> > Absence of a hosts file, of course just indicates that the tcp/ip stack
> is not
> > installed, not that networking is unavailable.

Yes, but Netbuie does not work with Win9x - are there still users around
using e.g. Novell, Lantastic etc?

>You could try to see if the
> > COMPUTERNAME environment variable is set. You could also play around
> with the
> > NET commands. But it is a long time since I used a non-networked PC (or
> Win9n,
> > for that matter) so I have no idea what to expect under those conditions.

Thanks for the ideas, Paul, I'll experiment.

Peter Lawson