Subject IBConsole and FB Beta2
Author Lou Feliz

I tried restoring a backup file (created w/ TRANSPORTABLE feature)
using IBConsole (338) and I get the following error during the restore
"Do not recognize record type 11". I am running Firebird Build 448
for Win32. I did make sure the the GDS32.dll that corresponds to this
build was moved to system directory. I also received this same error
with prior Beta2 release.

The backup file came from IB4 on Linux. I have not had this problem in
the past with the IB and Firebird 0.9.4-test1 releases. Any

I guess that I must rely on using GBAK for now. My current apps use
the IBX backup/restore service to have the server perform
backup/restore operations with IB Open Edition and FB 0.9.4-1. I have
not tried it with Beta 2 build 448 yet.

- Lou