Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: win98 connections
Author Jill Thomson
At 02:26 PM 30/09/01 -0500, Woody wrote:

>I've never seen a Windows computer without a name. I'm not sure you can
>leave it blank but I've never tried it. The only way to guarantee success is
>to use the IP address instead of the server name.

Take a clean computer. Do not install a network card. Network Neighborhood
will not be installed. Reject Windows' suggestion to enter a user name and
password. The computer will not have an IP address, or a name.

Is there a function that can be run to detect this condition? As the hosts
file will not exist (only as hosts.sam) we can test for that.

Maybe in these circumstances the use of Interbase is inappropriate. But
later, when the user decides to set up a network? Besides, I refuse to go
back to Paradox and the BDE.

Thanks also, Ivan, for your comments. I sometimes feel guiltily that Woody
and I are having a private conversation at the expense of everyone else's