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Author Ali Gokcen
thanks again Helen,
last year we began to develop win apps with IB&delphi and they prevent us to send null values for UNIQE indexed fields.
so, i discarded  FIELD IS NULL control in trigger and send zero or  select gen_id(GEN..) from rdb$database value.
i hate myself couse i'm not tested very well. i think god not good tested me too,  after create me  :)))
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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase Transactions

At 02:58 PM 15-12-00 +0200, you wrote:
>ok,  you are right,  sorry me.
>i tested some entry via command line ISQL  at last.
>its a big suprise for me :)
>BDE alias based programs and IBconsole made me wrong.
>my outlook was set  "plain text" for news sending. :(
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>So - have you worked out yet why
>(a) getting the generator value in the BeforeInsert event of Delphi (which
>is **not** the same as a BEFORE INSERT trigger) solves your problem?;  and
>(b) why your trigger needs to test the input to the unique ID column for
>NULL or Zero ?

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