Subject Interbase Transactions
Author Geno
Having a bit of a problem with IB6 transactions. Using Delphi 5.
Have an application I am converting from D5/Paradox to D5/IB6.
Table has AUTOINC field for its key. When user posts new record, new
key is generated with AUTOINC field. I then use this key to add
records in other tables that are connected to this table
Master/Deatil. This works fine in Paradox. Set up IB6 table and
created AUTOINC field with generator and trigger. This works fine,
everytime I call, new record with incrementing key is
added. However, when new records are added the AUTOINC field is not
visible until I close the table. Therefore, key field is 0 so I
can't add records to other tables. Assume this has something to do
with transactions. Have tried CommitRetaing when I post but this
does not help. If I call table.refresh, this works but resets table
to 1st record. Can someone tell me what I need to do.
Thanks Geno