Subject Re: Interbase Transactions
Author Ali Gokcen
> Do you understand that there is no dependency between the generator
and the
> column?
> Do you understand that (unlike MSSQL IDENTITY values or AUTOINC
> generators are NOT subject to transaction control?
> Helen

Thanks Hellen. i didnt mean there is any relation between generators
and field or anything becouse i know generators how dummy :)
we must set them after moving, storing rows.
this is why we are using gen_id inside triggers. application level
GEN_ID calling is usefull but not enough.

i mean,

if u use a field as unique indexed for rec_id or like that
table x..(
Xfield integer unique;

you cant send xfield as null to before insert trigger, even you want.
ib returns with validation error without calling the trigger.

ok i m sorry for my so many bla bla..